Furniture as Art. A collection of custom made coconut stools, tables and podiums available in 14 sizes and shapes. The Coco Collection satisfies the need for furniture in-an-instant. By stacking the objects, little floor space is taken, creating totems of coconut metaphorically relating to the living plants they were derived from. Unexpected guests arrive. No problem. Unstack the totems for stylish entertaining. Ecologically friendly, and durable.

Prices subject to quantity, timber and finishing specifications.


odn.Coco.stool, odn.Coco.coffee, and odn.Coco.podium (square format) on location at the sales floor and change rooms at Song & Kelly Boutique, Singapore. Boutique designed by SCDA Architects.(this boutique is no longer in existence)

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Photography : One Degree North Holdings Limited


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